San Fernando Valley NAACP

The San Fernando Valley Branch, NAACP (1064) of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is a not-for-profit association promoting civil rights advocacy across the entire San Fernando Valley.

Our mission is to foster civil and human rights protection and equality among all of the citizens of this vast geographic area. The San Fernando Valley Branch, NAACP achieves that mission by representing the citizens of the valley in their pursuit of equity and fairness in education, health care, economics, politics, and labor; and by providing vital information and services to individuals and groups throughout the local communities served by the Branch that relate to the protection of their civil and human rights.

The San Fernando Valley Branch, NAACP and its Youth Council acts on behalf of and in close concert with the people of the community;

(1) to envision and develop an infrastructure of effective educational,

economic, health, and political leadership and governance in the San Fernando Valley communities;

(2) to establish a structure and environment that allows all citizens to reach their fullest potential;

(3) to provide accountability reports for the community on the performance of academic and educational institutions, businesses, and the elected officials serving the area, and to serve as the key community advocate for those nameless and disenfranchised individuals whom they serve.

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Dr. James Thomas President

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Welcome to SFV NAACP Branch 1064

Founded in 1955, the San Fernando Valley Branch, NAACP is one of the community’s oldest and largest advocacy organizations. Its’ more than 200 adult and youth members throughout the Valley and surrounding areas are foremost advocates for social justice, equal opportunity and civil rights in their respective valley communities. Under the direction of new leadership for 2011, the strategic objectives of the officers and Executive Committee and general membership will be to conduct ongoing voter registration and Branch membership drives and sponsor education and political awareness campaigns; and monitor equal opportunity, access, and civil and human rights protection in the public and private sector throughout the city, state, and local communities served by the Branch.



Dr. James Thomas
Dr. James ThomasPresident